Friday, February 1, 2013

Horse Meat!

                                                                       HORSE MEAT!

Well, by now we've all heard the story of Burger King and horse meat.  If not, here's the story:

The jokes are too easy.  And what better way to commemorate this event than with a song parody?  The song, is taken from the 1973 hit single recorded by Cher entitled "Half Breed"  Here's the video:  just in case you'd like to sing along.
So if you're quite ready, I give you...HORSE MEAT!
Horse Meat
I took my family down to Burger King
I soon found out that they serve everything
The guy in front of me said excuse me please
I’d like to order up a Trigger with cheese.

Horse meat! cook it in a croc pot.
Horse meat! With a side of tater tots. 
Horse meat! you’re sure to get the trots
get them while they’re hot cause they won’t be there fur-long!
The friendly server said “Have it your way”
I checked my order and I said “Neigh neigh”
This isn’t hamburger, for goodness sakes
My whopper junior won the Belmont stakes

Horse meat! Try the filly steak. 
Horse meat! It will make your belly ache
Horse meat! Try a sea biscuit with egg
Take it home and serve it up with Colt 45!
I told them thank you, but I just can’t stay.
Said Hi-O Silver and I turned away.
I lost my appetite, I left unfed.
All I could think about was MR. ED!!!
Horse meat!  I got double crossed.
Horse meat!  cause I gambled and I lost
Horse meat!  topped with horsey sauce.
Horse meat’s down at Burger King so Giddy up go!!!!!!!


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