Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ode to Randy Travis:

I'm sure by now we've all heard the story about country music star Randy Travis
and his drunken adventure.  The following parody song, to the tune of Travis' hit
single "I'm Gonna Love You Forever"  is not so much to make fun of him, but to
state the facts of the story to one of his own ditties.

You may think that I'm drunk and foolish. 
Passed OUT naked in my Trans Am. 
But officer please, when the media sees, they won't understand that's just the way that I am. 
I'm just a hillbilly singer.  I don't know when I've had enough. 
If you look you will find, that I drink 'til I'm blind.
and then I write a song that the hillbillies love. (and baby)
I'll be a redneck forever.  Forever and ever, amen. 
I'll get hammered at the bar and when the cops find my car,
I'll threaten to shoot them if they try to run me in. 
You may wonder why I'm such a dumbass. 
I'll be happy to tell you again. 
I'm just a redneck.  A hillbilly redneck. 
Forever and ever....AY-HAY-EE-AY----MEN!

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